Roasting Services

Your Coffee Your Way! - Roasting Services

We sell roasted coffee in Carefree, AZ or if you like you can source green coffee and we will roast it for you. Please contact us if you are interested in having us roast greens sourced by you, or if you want to come over and roast with us.

Price: $12 per roast up to a pound each: $40 for four roasts. Two pound minimum.

We also do gifts and co-branding. Coffee was a popular gift in 2018 for dentists, doctors and real estate agents during the holidays.

Where to Source Green Coffee

Quantities of 20lbs and less:

Sweet Maria's


Burman Coffee Traders

Our Coffee Barn

Coffee Bean Corral

Green Coffee Coop

Green Coffee Buying Club


Happy Mug

Java Beans Plus

Len's Coffee

Leverhead Coffee

Mill City Roasters

Klatch Coffee

Bodhi Leaf Coffee

The Coffee Project

Theta Ridge

Gen-X Coffee

Roast Coffee Company

Blazing Bean Roasters

Mr. Green Beans

Smokin' Beans Coffee Co.

The Captain's Coffee

Mad Beans Coffee


RNY Fracking Store

Paradise Roasters - ... -unroasted

Larger Quantities-

Royal Coffee 22lb Crown Royal boxes (free shipping) or 100lb bags shipped freight

La Bodega 50 lb grain pro bags - shipping included in price; samples sold for $6

Genuine Origin 65lb in grain pro bags in boxes; $10 shipping; free 300 gram samples

Roastmasters 50lb gain pro bags; $22 flat rate shipping

Coffee Shrub 50lb bags; shipping calculated (example to CO was $25 or 50 cents a pound NY was $35); 11lb samples for wholesale customers only.