Artisan Roasting Software

To our fellow Home Roasters,

We are also part of the Artisan Roasterscope team providing documentation on the use of Artisan for commercial and home coffee roasters. The Artisan Getting Started Guide written and maintained by EvergreenBuzzBuzz helps people use Artisan to document and assist in roasting their greens to bring out the best in their coffee.

Please donate to Marko Luther the creator of Artisan so more improvements keep coming. Home roasting enthusiasts often donate 10-100.- (in $ or EUR), while small roasting businesses and consultant that use Artisan in their daily work tend to donate 100-300.- (in $ or EUR).


Getting our North 500 gram roaster up and running (once we figured out the Emergency Stop button was engaged at the factory) was easy. We wanted to begin to understand in more detail what Artisan is about and also share with others so maybe the learning curve is easier. There are many settings which we didn't understand at first. What we have attempted to do is to document the basics of Artisan so future roasters can use the GSG - Getting Started Guide - as a starting point when they get their machines. We hope the GSG helps others as much as it has helped us.

We fully understand that the TRIER is our best friend, yet we work better when we understand concepts and hence our effort to grasp what Artisan can and can't do.

All the best, Michael and Terry from Carefree, AZ