Caffeine and Acidity

Caffeine and Acidity

Some great information in a couple of articles on how brewing your coffee impacts the amounts of caffeine and how acidic your coffee is. Not surprisingly these topics are interrelated with each other. For example, higher water temperatures will increase extraction which will mean more caffeine and more acid.

Article on Acidity:

"Acidity: it’s a divisive word in coffee brewing. For some, it signals sharp, sour flavours. For others, it’s a revered attribute of high-quality coffee. Make no mistake: sour coffee is unpleasant. But vibrant, bright, and complex acidity, the kind that reminds you of stone fruits or a sweet tangerine, is highly appreciated by coffee professionals and specialty coffee consumers. Whether your aim when brewing is to highlight a coffee’s natural, juicy acidity or avoid nasty sour notes, the good news is that you can."

Article on Caffeine Amounts:

Did you know caffeine is an insect repellent so coffee grown at lower altitudes has more caffeine as there are more bugs. Coffee grown at 4,000 feet and above may have less caffeine. In addition, smaller grind size and higher water temperatures also increase extraction rates. Finally brew method matters and changes the extraction rates as well.

Daily Coffee Grind article on Altitude's impact on green coffee beans.

Scribblers Coffee article on altitude's impact on green coffee beans.